PHOTO: Special Guest At The CHAZAQ After School Program For Jewish Public School Students

Rabbi Yaakov Spitzer Shlita at the Chazaq Teens DivisionWith Shavuos approaching, Chazaq hosted a special guest at their after school program for Jewish public school students.

Rabbi Yaakov Spitzer Shlit”a stopped by the Chazaq program where nearly 100 teens were gathered for group learning sessions. Rabbi Spitzer joined several of the groups and  shared his experience as a Holocaust survivor.

Chazaq Director Rabbi Ilan Meirov stated that sometimes Chazaq needs to offer minor incentives to get the teens to stay for an entire learning session but with Rabbi Spitzer, the boys were simply glued to their seats as he mamesh touched their hearts with his story.

Chazaq’s after school programs have Baruch HaShem been extremely fruitful over the years as they have reached out to students of all ages and educate them about their cherished Jewish history.  B”h  hundreds have transferred from publics schools to yeshivas thanks to Chazaq’s efforts under their “No child left behind initiative”.

For more information about Chazaq programs please call 917-617-3636.

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